About us

Foundation of the project

The idea behind this non-profit organization goes back to Dominique Heinen who has worked in development aid in Indonesia (Jakarta) since October 2009.

Along with teaching English in different orphanages he concentrated his efforts on a small marginalized area in South-Jakarta, Kebayoran Lama, which he visited a couple times each week. During his visits he gave out food on a regular basis and took care of the people who needed medical aid but didn’t have the financial resources to provide them with professional treatment.

In the course of time friendly ties evolved with this community through these regular visits which inspired the desire to look for a place to help these families long term.

The idea of founding a centre for these precious children succeeded – a centre in which they not only receive education but also shelter and care.


To help people sustainably, we focus especially on the children, because it is easier to impact positively on their lives. Moreover, it is very easy to get to the parents through them, and all other residents of their community. We see the children as the entry key to the entire population.

A positive development of the children means in the same time 
a better future

for ALL.



The Centre for children in Jakarta


The JabezKidz Centre is located near a poverty stricken area in Kebayoran Lama, which is a district in South-Jakarta. Poor and rich live in the same neighborhood side by side: There are mansions next to shacks.


Besides giving them education, we also provide medical aid, emotional support and assistance in helping them solve some of their social problems. We want them to see their own individual strengths and that they are able to reach goals.