Important information

How does JabezKidz get involved?

Besides teaching these children, we support them with medical aid, emotional support and help in handling social problems. Our focus is on personal contact with the children and their parents.


Where does the name ”Jabezkidz“ come from?

The name “Jabez” comes from the Old Testament (1. Chr. 4,10). Jabez prays amongst other things for support and protection, which our foundation wants to offer these children as well.

Because there is such a lack of future opportunities due to the low living standards and low level of education, supporting and protecting the children in marginalized areas is very important to us.


What happens to donated money?

100% of the donated money goes directly to the children of “JabezKidz” in Indonesia. Every one of our members works voluntarily.

Additional expenses for advertising are paid by specific sponsors.


How do we use donated funds?

With this money, we provide clothes, food, medical aid and school materials for these children.



“With your help you escort the children of Kebayoran Lama toward

a safer and more livable future.”